I am releasing a book and it’s going to be AWESOME!

So after many years of blogging, we are in the finishing phases of releasing an ebook on Amazon Kindle that you can view on a computer, a smartphone, Kindle, or other device.

Look Before You Leap is going to be released this fall, 2015. It’s meant for Christians of any age who have decided to start dating.

We all know people who have ended up in a relationship that sucked…but sometimes, that guy/girl looked like such a nice person beforehand. What happened?
And how do I make sure that I, myself, am not like that?

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Look before you leap – A series about when, how, and who to date (intro)

Song 3:5 (NLT)

“Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, by the swift gazelles and the deer of the wild, not to awaken love until the time is right.”

Song 8:4 (NLT)

“I want you to promise, O women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right.”

In the past, many believed that Song of Solomon was a metaphor about Christ and his love for the church. But many Bible readers are getting more and more into the plain, in-your-face meaning of the book, as it talks about romantic love.

Yet, something that I find interesting about Song of Solomon is that it speaks to everyone. It has a message to the married. It has a message to the engaged. It has a message to those who are in a relationship, but unsure and scared. You know who else it has a message to? Single people.

And to each and every person, the book teaches wisdom. Now, single people get a message of the joy they have to look forward to if they choose to get married, but they also get a stern warning, a wise yet difficult decision. Don’t awaken love until the time is right. It is so important that the book says it twice.

I once heard it said that if you want a happy eternity, make sure you have the right Savior. If you want a happy life, make sure you have the right spouse. A mate must be chosen with wisdom. However, when one feels lonely, the voice of wisdom doesn’t seem to be as loud as the voice of desire for companionship. As my friend Wes put it, “she wasn’t looking for ‘Mr. Right’ but ‘Mr. Right Now.’”

This blog series is specifically written for teenagers, young adults, and anybody who enjoys interacting with them/us. The purpose is twofold…A) Give us a warning of what to look for and what to avoid. B) In light of that, shed some light on who we are to be. Shall we look for someone who is nice, yet ourselves be a jerk? No.

Why do I feel this is important? Several reasons.

  1. Mistakes we make here are the ones we regret the most, and often the ones that affect our lives later on.
  2. I do not believe that there is one Mr. Right or one Mrs. Right out there. I believe that once somebody is married, they have made a solemn oath before the LORD that they must hold to. However, no naming anyone please, but a lot of us know people who never should’ve gotten married, yet they did. To them I say, it will be more of a struggle than most, but you must stay married. However, to those who are unmarried I say…you still have a choice. If you do not choose wisely, well…you figure it out.
  3. Along with number 2, although we will never admit it, many men decide they are in before the relationship even starts. It’s kind of like…if we couldn’t see ourselves marrying you, we wouldn’t date you. Therefore, only 1/3 of break-ups are initiated by men. As for women, many women have a fear of hurting someone’s feelings or creating conflict. Because of this, there are many women who will sometimes stay in a relationship even if they don’t want to (women, do you agree? I need your feedback). Men and women both need to have the confidence to end a downhill relationship, but sometimes simply having a good filtering system (you do this, you’re OUT) and a good eye for warning signs will save someone from unnecessary heartbreak.

Special reason for teenagers

  1. Specifically for teenagers…I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but often the two most important things in a teenager’s life are the opposite sex and friendships. I won’t say it’s an absolute truth at all times, but I’m pretty sure it’s common that a person won’t admit how important the opposite sex really is to that person (especially for us guys), even when it is really very important.

Since this area of life is so important to teenagers, if we as adults do not take teenage romance seriously, treating it like it is insignificant and unimportant (“They’re probably not going to get married anyway, so what’s the big deal?”), then teenagers will feel like it is them that we are not taking seriously.

I have also gotten a TON of feedback, from teenagers and young adults both, where they say that they like it when I talk about relationships. They’re important to us, aren’t they? So if we can give advice that someone can see in the world around them, then it is quite interesting, quite captivating.

So people like talking about relationships. I like talking about relationships. So welcome back…let’s talk about relationships. And to same everybody time, trouble, and heartache, let’s talk about relationships before they happen, not just once they happen.