First time here? Or twentieth? Where to start?

Welcome, esteemed reader! If you are new to my blog, and you like it, here is a quick list of some of the other posts I have done, or many of the “series” posts I have done. This is meant to make it easier to get there, fast.

If you’ve been here for a while…I still hope this helps.

(Note: One of the reasons why I wanted to make this page was that before this, if you wanted to read some of my first several blogs, you would have to click on a topic and then click “Older Entries” a million times before you made it. You could find a category…but what about my old standalone posts that HAVE no specific category? Like Push Pull Theory? This will help navigate.)

February 2011

Push Pull Theory – “Carson, she was really flirty for weeks, and then the next day she didn’t laugh at any of my jokes! What went wrong?” Find the answer here.

Modern Warfare 2 vs. Black Ops? – Okay, I’m busy playing Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 now, but still.

Video games as a clue to the meaning of the universe – Okay, I have a useless hobby. But so do you.

Dating: Good or Bad or Neither? – A three part series over whether it’s holier to not date or whatever.

March 2011

Ladder Theory – Because girls…have you ever noticed how your closest guy friend seems to always develop a crush on you? Go ahead, say it…”But Carson, we’re just friends!” I know. This blog series is for you confused girls, and for you guys who have a crush on your best female friend.

How RPG’S have affected the whole world of today’s video games – Ooh, I leveled up! Does this mean I get extra strength or dexterity? More magical powers? No…it means I unlocked the AK-47.

Money and the Christian – Where your money goes is where your heart is. Money is an immensely, IMMENSELY important topic concerning Christian discipleship. A four-part series.

Sex – Thirty-one straight blogs of everyone’s favorite topic. How could you not be excited? I hope that I handle the topic carefully, but frankly. And I hope that it doesn’t just “inform” you, but that it actually helps, or even helps you to help others. (This one is a favorite…but that isn’t a surprise, now, is it?)

April 2011

Empower – Teenagers are mistreated and disrespected by adults, so teenagers simply reciprocate the disrespect to all adults as a whole. Sometimes, the right approach is the exact opposite approach from the one we are taking. Let’s not beat them down and treat them like “You’re dumb because you’re only 15. You think you know everything so I’m going to show you how stupid you really are.” Let’s empower them. This is a 23 part series.

The rule of one point – For us guys who want to please our ladies.

Trust theory – This is filed in the Empower series, but it is a standalone blog as well. Trust is the only way to deepen any relationship…there is no other way.

May 2011

Love – Thirteen posts about love, what it means, and anything else that can be said about the topic.

The Legend of Barbara Jean Clews – My mom was awesome. This is a tribute.

Marriage: Watch out for life – Just some thoughts from my second anniversary getaway with Sarah

In defense of video games – A three part series about how if you say that someone has a video game problem, I will say that you have a book reading problem. And more.

Mortal Kombat: Carson’s opinion – My own little review on the new Mortal Kombat game.

June 2011

Break ups – A topic that no one likes to talk about…but an area that needs to be talked about. Six part series.

Killzone – My review of the Killzone series. It is unfinished. As in…I’ve only reviewed Killzone 1.

History and Development of the First Person Shooter – From Doom to Modern Warfare. An educational piece, intended for the betterment of our society.

July 2011

Onion Theory – A theory that talks about friendships, relationships, and how they MUST develop mutually, whether mutually slow or mutually fast. A 17 part series.

Not An Island – Part of the Onion Theory posts, but a standalone blog. Somebody who never depends on others might think that they have a strength, but it can quickly take a toll on their relationships. Find out how here.

One Body, MANY different parts – Just because God wired my heart to care about teenagers doesn’t mean that anybody who doesn’t care about teenagers is a heartless, unfeeling shell of a human. In fact, our different passions and giftings are how God makes the church so effective at doing His work, unless people in the church stifle that variety. Part of Onion Theory, but again, a standalone.

August 2011

Righteousness Reevaluated – Righteousness has NEVER been a standard. It has ALWAYS been a person. A 12-part series.

September 2011

Jesus > Satan: Epic Win – For those of you who like using math symbols to express theological truth.

The Legends – Youth pastors, leaders, and mentors affect more lives more profoundly than they will ever, ever realize. This is is tribute to all those people.

November 2011 – (I spent all October continuing Righteousness reevaluated)

Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 – After all the hype, how did it turn out?

Inside Jokes: A double-edged sword – How do inside jokes function in a social setting?

What do we do with that Old Testament Law? – If you, as a New Testament Christian, ever get confused when reading the first five books of the Old Testament, then this post is for you.

December 2011

Unity in Marriage – A 7-part series about how Unity is more than just a theological idea for married couples…it is the practical approach for successful marriage. Written to you by someone who has been married for 2 and 1/2 years…but takes the advice of people who have been married for 35-55 years.

Look before you leap: Choosing a bf/gf wisely – Since breaking up sucks, it would sure help if we could find out if someone is trash before a relationship happens, and not during. A 20-part series, and based on the feedback I’ve been getting, a favorite. It’s a great time for you to get ragingly mad at your ex! But even more so…it is not just meant to warn you to stay away from trash…it’s meant to keep us from being trash.

Merry Christmas, from a follower of someone who doesn’t think like me – It would seem that God’s plans are always smarter than my plans. Who would have guessed?

Controlled by Need – Whoever has what you need, you’ll do anything for.

January 2012

What mark shall I leave? – A three-part series that is meant to redefine “perfect,” use that word the way Jesus used it, and then ask…when I am a DAD (Sarah is pregnant with our first child! Due date: July 17th), can I be that?

Apparently, I like it when people get mad at me – A standalone that points out…we teach others how we like to be treated. What behaviors do we reward?

Faith – An 8-part series about the word itself and how it REALLY applies to Christians, atheists, and simply to friendships.

A peek into the Clews marriage – My wife eats fruit snacks SO SLOWLY. And then she thinks that this is way that fruit snacks are supposed to be eaten! Inconceivable!

Divorce sucks – Self-explanatory title. Fifteen-part series.

February 2012

I will see you again – Some reflection about life, heaven, and my mom (she would have been 66 on the 27th).

Fire in the Fireplace – God designed sex to be enjoyed within the context of marriage. So enough talk about what God doesn’t want. Let’s talk about what God DOES want concerning the topic of sex! This is a nine-part series.

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