About me…

I am a 29 year old taekwondo instructor who loves Jesus. My wife, Sarah, and I have been married for over 6 years now, and she only tries to run away every now and then (Actually, I guess running away is her way of flirting, even though sometimes my brain thinks “Flirting!” and sometimes my brain thinks “Girl runs away…reminds me of middle school…”). I have two daughters, Abrielle, who is coming up on her third birthday in July, and Alsea, who was born this last December, 2014.
I am a video gamer. I am also a sociology nerd; I like to watch how people interact and make observations.

So to put it short: You have entered the blogging site of a video gaming sociology nerd who loves Jesus and kicks children on Fridays.

But for more detailed information, here goes.

Carson: The video gamer

At the ripe young age of six, I played my first video game: Burgertime. Super Mario Brothers quickly proved to be too hard…that first goomba kept killing me and even after I learn how to kill it (if I pressed ‘A’ while it was two spaces away, it would walk right under me), I couldn’t get past the first pit (I didn’t know how to hold ‘B’ and run yet). Thus, Burgertime was the game I would come to know and love.

I knew from that day forth that I needed an NES to live. I would die without an NES. Soon enough, my mom actually got us all one, because a friend was selling theirs. Oh, what a joy it was. (Approximately three months before my typing this, we sold it along with about a million old 8 bit and 16 bit games so that I could get a Kinect.)

And up to now, I’ve always stayed pretty well updated with my consoles. I like all types of games, but the popular First Person Shooters are my favorite.

Carson or “Mr. Clews”: The taekwondo instructor

I have been doing taekwondo since I was 11 years old, and I have been teaching since I was 14. I love what I do, because I get to enjoy long term relationships with people of all ages, and I get to watch their confidence and discipline increase. I love the people, and I also love the martial arts themselves.

Although this blog is not necessarily about taekwondo or the instruction of such, I draw a lot of observations and experiences from my career as a taekwondo instructor. The taekwondo teacher in me is inseparable from who I am as a whole.

Carson: The theologian

Because according to my theology class, everyone is a theologian. Some are just better than others, but we all decide that we believe something, and we all defend our beliefs. Thus, let me state my presuppositions. I am an evangelical Christian. I believe that the Bible was inerrant when first written, and while the copyists and scribes were not inerrant themselves, they did such a good job preserving it that we can know what the originals said. I was raised in a Free Methodist Church (Salem First Free Methodist in Salem, OR) although I find myself sometimes falling on the more Calvinist side of things, which fits quite nicely with my Baptist College (Corban College). I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies, even though I wasn’t a Bachelor anymore. (Oh yeah.)

The center of all my theology is that I believe that Christianity is the only religion in which man can take no credit for our salvation/redemption/goodness. Therefore, since God did it all, God gets all the credit. I believe that if God created the universe, and if God created us, then God is the center/source of all morality and all goodness. If this is true, then the true meaning of goodness is not about how good we are to mankind (how many old ladies you walk across the street or how many hungry you feed), but how good we are to God (not like “we do God favors” but more like “Do we treat God how He wants to be treated?” which results in “Well, how does God want us to treat Him?” which leads to the answer: “Faith” or “Trust.”) As a result, one who places God at the center like this, God will give this person a new heart, and this person will treat mankind well (like walking old ladies across streets and feeding the hungry). All my theology seems to root from here.

Carson: The sociology nerd

I find it necessary to repeat: I am not a “sociologist” even though I talk about the sociologist in me. I am by no means a professional. However, think of me as an interested observer. I read lots of Yahoo articles. I read books. I ask questions. I conduct little experiments here and there.

See, I believe that God’s creation is absolutely incredible. But I believe that the most incredible things in creation are those He created in His own image: People. So everything about people fascinates me. How we interact, how we develop, our needs, our wants, our methods of communication, these fascinate me a lot.

I also have a special interest in teenagers. There is something special/crazy/interesting about that no-man’s-land of life between child and adult. I also believe, as a Christian, that it is a time with many a) dangers as well as b) opportunities. I have a special interest in relationships, especially of the romantic variety. Guys and girls fascinate me…our differences, our similarities, and also how stupid and mindless we act when we like each other.

Put the two together and you realize that yes, teenage relationships do interest me. The opposite sex takes on a new level of importance during the middle school/high school years, and for us not to take this seriously because “it’s not like they’re going to get married or anything” is for us to cut our relationships with teenagers. This topic is very real and important for them…and wasn’t it very real and important for us, too? I hope I can take what I’ve learned and read and seen and help teenagers to make better decisions and see how their world plays out around them.

My Christianity and my interest in sociology are inseparable from one another…I believe that if one is becoming Christlike, you will see it in their relationships. Also, when I teach about Jesus Christ and who He is, I want to teach about spiritual truth in such a way that people can actually see a difference, that people can actually put their hands on the truth that I teach from Scripture. And Christlike-ness takes an actual form that you can notice in people. You can see actual behavioral, relational changes in people who follow Jesus Christ. And THAT is a testimony to the risen Christ.

I love getting emails and comments…doesn’t anyone? I want to continue to learn, and if you are reading this blog with any level of interest, then you have seen things that I want to know about.

My email is carsonclews@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you if a) You agree with what I say and it helps you out, b) you disagree with what I say, and you want to tell me why, c) you disagree with me so much that you fly into an angry, unstoppable rage, or d) Just to say “what up?”

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Enjoy!

One thought on “About me…

  1. Mr. Clews, you write like u teach, fast, intense and entertaining. Sorry not stalking, I know Lennon Clark she commented on your FB post and of course I recognized your name and then I saw baby was coming, woo-hoo! You and your, cute as a button wife, are having the most amazing life changing experience at this moment. Congratulations on your daughter she is a very lucky homebirth baby!
    Take care,
    Mrs. Dowen (Madelyn’s Mom)

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