Sex: The halftime blog

First of all, for those of you following these blogs, thanks for reading them. I enjoy the topic and I’m glad you enjoy reading about it. I also enjoy the comments and the opening up of dialogue.

I am typing this blog to say: The fun is about to begin.

Now, of course, when somebody types a sentence like that about the sex blog that they are typing, it can be a scary thing. But here’s why I say it: The last several blogs, seven of them to be exact, were about the theological end of it (along with my introduction). Is it wrong? Is it right? What is wrong? What is right? Why?

One of the purposes of all these blogs was to inform and to open up dialogue, but also to state where I stand, where Christianity generally stands, and also why I stand where I stand. These blogs were for everybody.

The blogs that follow are a) more fun and less depressing, b) more readily applicable and visible in our current social environment and in ourselves, and c) more quickly applicable to our (Christians) own walk with Christ and our endeavor for sexual purity.

Thus, the previous blogs were intended for all worldviews to read, as I spoke from my own worldview and meant to defend my position, while opening up dialogue from all worldviews. However, the upcoming blogs are intended for people on the same page with me and my worldview: Those who view sex as right and godly within the confines of marriage, and wrong outside of it. If you aren’t on the same team as me in this area, then the upcoming blogs are not designed for you.

If you are a virgin waiting for marriage, a “secondary virgin” as some call it who is waiting for marriage, a sexually active non-married Christian who is wishing you could win this battle but failing, or not wishing you could win this battle but knowing you should, this blog is for you.

If you are a married Christian who is keeping your neighbors up at night because of your frequent passionate romps with your spouse, occasionally pulling over in your car to find a private place because you just can’t make it home fast enough, this blog is for you.

If you are a married Christian who is trying to figure out how to keep your sex life alive, or if you are a married Christian who finds themselves sexually tempted by others outside of their marriage, this is for you.

If you are a youth pastor, teacher, or parent. If you are involved in the life of any teenager, if there is any teenager that you care about. If you are mentored, or if you are a mentor to someone, this blog is for you.

My hopes:

1.      You will find the upcoming blogs to be interesting.

2.      You will learn something you didn’t know before.

3.      Somebody will comment or send a message to me that says “Carson, you idiot! That’s not true! Because of this, this, and this!” And they will present arguments that change my mind, so I can walk away from this experience having learned something.

4.      That they will actually help us be more sexually pure in mind and body.

5.      MOST IMPORTANTLY: I think that the way God designed men, women, and the sex that they get to have as married couples to be absolutely and indescribably beautiful. I hope that you fall more in love with God because of how beautiful He made you, and the opposite sex, your mind, and any other affiliated organs. Because let me tell you something, although this might be too much information: A) I love having a penis. B) I did not design my penis. C) I love being a guy. D) I love the differences that Sarah brings to my life, because she is a girl. E) I can’t say what I love of Sarah’s because she would get too shy and would be mean to my kitty as punishment, but yeah. F) I love the rest of her, too. G) I did not design her. H) She did not design herself, either.

Just as a piece of art speaks well of the artist, your “fearfully and wonderfully made” body speaks well (understatement alert) of the Creator. We cannot leave Him out of this equation.

I hope you fall more in love with God.

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